I've been 'sew' busy.

So, i bought my lovely fabric and i did indeed shut myself in my studio, (in between keeping up with my wifely chores) busying myself with some sewing projects. Don't you just love it when you have a project on the go and life just becomes an interference?

So here's what i've been up to.....

Phone Pouches

Note Books

Colouring Sets

Pencils Rolls

So now i've completed my sewing projects i don't know what i'm going to do to fill my time. Ho-hum, at least i have some lovely new items to take along to the next Bazaar.


Jess said...

I love your notebooks. Those are so cute!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Are the pouches Iphone size? and I love the fabric with union jacks on... if the pouches are iphone size could I buy one please? thank you!

and I would probably buy the matching notebook too! I like the countryside one with mushrooms...

you are a clever lady... I wonder if your pencil roll would be big enough for my crochet hooks?


big hugs
Alex x

smilernpb said...

OMG I love them all! In actual fact I WANT THEM ALL!! :o)

Megan would love the notebooks! I love the fabrics.....they are all wonderful creations....you are soooo talented.

PS Was it just me or did the 'wifely duties' make me chuckle?! :o) xx

smilernpb said...

Sorry I meant 'wifely chores' but it still made me smile.....!! xx

Shelley said...

I love all your little goodies, you must have had so much fun sewing them all :) Good luck with the bazaar!!!