Bicycle Basket Bazaar

The last Bicycle Basket Bazaar i did was back in November. I just can't believe how quickly time flies. I had decided to take a break from crafting before Christmas because i had tennis elbow which wasn't only in my elbow but through my hand and up my neck. Thankfully it has settled down a lot although a dull ache likes to remind me it's still there each day.

So, after eight busy months of no crafting i decided it was time to get back into the swing of things so i made some phone pouches. I made them the size to fit an iPhone, with a handy little pocket on the front to pop your headphones in.

The Bazaar's usual home is at the Northampton Fishmarket but it is being used for an exhibition so we were relocated to outside All Saints Church just down the road. This was a bit of a worry when i woke up on Saturday morning as it was raining but by the time we got to Northampton it had all dried up and the sun even managed to make an appearance a few times.

My niece Katie always comes with me to the Bazaar's which is a blessing as she's good company and she's there to help lug all the stuff too and from the car. This time she decided to make some cakes to sell but as she was busy on Friday looking after her two young nephew's and then working the evening i offered to make them for her. They turned out to be pretty popular as she managed to sell 17 of the 24 cakes and at 75p each it was well worth the effort. We had started them off at 50p each but some of the other sellers said it was too cheap so we changed it to 75p.

I, however only managed to sell 7 items which Katie took great delight in teasing me about! She needs to learn to be nice! I did sell one of my new phone pouches which i was pleased about. Selling in public is a rather strange experience as i get a lot of people telling me how gorgeous and amazing my creations are and how clever i am but then they walk away without buying anything. So i have come to the realisation that i'm not going to make my millions by doing the Bazaar's (unless i make cakes!!!!) but i will keep going as it's good fun and the other sellers are all so lovely. Infact, some of the shoppers are jolly nice too. I was chatting to Annie, otherwise know as The Felt Fairy who complimented my creations and offered to send me some felt samples, so thankyou everso Annie.

So now i'm back in the crafting world i have some work to do. The listings on both my Etsy and my Folksy shops have run out so they are both empty so i need to list some items there and my website also needs some attention. I'd better get busy then!


Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Hiya, Lisa!
Well the crafting break certainly didn't make a dent in your talent; I love the phone pouches!
Hope you and yours boys are well :) Xx

smilernpb said...

Oh wow, I love the i-phone pouches, how many pennies are they, my dear?

Also, I am loving the cakes, they look yummy! xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Is that punch and judy I spy down the bottom? and how much are your origami stars?

Its odd but I can't wait to get my spooky bits and bobs out that you made ... are you adding to your Halloween repetoire?

With all the gloomy weather we have had of late down here I am already thinking "christmas gifts" how sad am I! lol

x Alex