Yes, it's the last Saturday of the month so i was at the Bicycle Basket Bazaar in Northampton today selling my handmade goodies.

On Monday, whilst in town i had a peek inside this shop....

....and found this little beauty which i just had to buy to display my goodies in at the Bazaar. Look, it even has those metal thingies to put my price tags in!

I'm so pleased with it, i think it looks great.

Katie and i did pretty well this month. Infact, Katie did blindingly well with her chocolate fudge cake. She sold 15 of the 16 slices and at £1 a slice that's pretty darn good. I sold a number of items myself and did better than last month which was a result as i always buy dinner with my fluff money and tonight we ate like kings!

Look there's Katie....with the stripey top. Say hello to Katie everyone, she's my favourite niece. Hang on.......she's my only niece!


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Well done and the display unit is fabulous... I love things with drawers or cubby holes..

x Alex

smilernpb said...

*waves* Hello lovely niece Katie!

The display unit thing is lovely! I can imagine it will come in handy in many ways.

Hugs xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Hello you!

Just to let you know that there's an award over at mine for you!

x Alex