Bicycle Basket Bazaar

On Saturday i was busy selling my goodies at the Bicycle Basket Bazaar in Northampton again. The weeks really fly by don't they. It was a really good day and i made a bit of money which is always nice. I've been shopping for more felt today as i need to re-stock!

It was a really warm day and with the sun shining through the glass roof it was a little bit toastie to say the least.

This month they had us set up on cool is that! You've gotta love astro-turf!

My niece Katie came along with me again which is lovely. She's great company. Her mum (my sister-in-law) is a whizz with the knitting needles so we asked her to make some babies cardigans to sell. They are just beautiful but unfortunately she didn't sell any. Probably because it was such a hot day, not knit-wear weather. I'm sure they'll sell when the weather gets colder so we'll take them along each time. It's nice to have a variety of hand-made goodies on your bike!

We set the bike up and took a picture but then after about an hour we decided to rearrange it all. People were only looking at the bits at the front so we moved everything forward and it looked really good but i forgot to take another picture. Doh!

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dottydotty said...

glad it went well will definatley make the next one