Ready or not, here i come!

The Bicycle Basket Bazaar is tomorrow and i think i'm ready. Here are some dodgy photos of my bike and goodies. Yes, my bike is in my kitchen! There is a Victorian theme to the Bazaar which was a bit tricky. I mean, how do you make a blue racer bike look Victorian? I've used some blue Toile to make some bunting for the baskets and a long ribbon of Toile to wrap around my bike. I hope that's ok, Toile is Victorian right?

In the front basket i have 6 slices of battenburg cake, 1 whole Battenburg cake, 11 Jammie Dodger biscuits, 6 Gingerbread men, 8 Ice Lollies, 18 French Fancies cakes, 8 Donuts, 2 Fab Lollies and 6 Choc Ice's on sticks which look a bit like Magnums.

In the back basket i have 3 gift cakes with matching charms, 10 assorted round cakes and 11 assorted square cakes.

Pinned to the sides of the front basket i have 21 charms and 3 brooches.

I hope that's enough! And i hope even more that people like my goodies enough to buy some!

My next job is to try and get my bike IN my car!


May said...

wow. so cute and lovely. I want to learn ... so sweet~(^^)v

rachel the krafty girl said...

omg they look good enough to eat!

im sure they will be very popular


Jackie said...

Lisa ~ you must have been very busy, your felty things are fantastic and your bike looks great too. Hope you enjoy yourself at your bazaar, I'm sure your lovely things will sell out ~ Good Luck :O)

smilernpb said...

They look yummy. And so real!

You sure have worked hard to get all of those made, I hope you have a great day and get lots of sales.

Don't forget your business cards!

Have a great weekend xx

dottydotty said...

very coolgood luck with it we will probably see you there

Rachel said...

Your bike looks amazing Lisa! Best of luck with the Bazaar - your goodies look so yummy, I'm sure you'll do well. Lovely bunting too!

Sarah said...

They all look so fab Lisa - hope it went well - look forward to hearing about it!