The Bicycle Basket Bazaar yesterday went really well. The other sellers were really friendly so we spent the day chatting and having a lovely time. This was a new venue for the BBB and the general opinion of the regular BBB sellers was that it was a very slow day. I did sell some bits and covered my costs so it was worth the effort. All the comments about my goodies from the visitors were very positive. Everyone loved my stuff.

We were in these two marquees (i was in the one on the left) which was lucky as we did have a shower of rain. The marquees were positioned near the entrance to the festival which should have been perfect for visitors but most people seemed unaware we were in there and walked straight past us as they headed towards the music coming from the stage. The BBB has only been running for a couple of years and the organiser put this hic-up down to a learning curve.

The girls were telling me about the BBB held at the old Fishmarket in Northampton once a month which attracts many visitors. They have convinced me to try that one next Saturday. So, i'll give that one a try and see if i sell a few more bits. It really was a lot of fun so if i do well at the Fishmarket next week i may well sign up to it each month.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend, and Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's....especially mine!! X X


dottydotty said...

glad it went well thought i would take a trip to fishmarket but this month is Annie's birthday so we are off to oxford street hopefully you will do well and I will see you there in July

Sarah said...

That's great, I'm glad it went well for you. At least the weather wasn't too bad.....!

locuasia said...

Lisa YOUR felt beauties are incredible!!! I love them all!! I hope you sell all of them next Saturday, I will be back next week to see how you did.
Have a a fantastic week :)