Knitted Neck Warmers...

I'm the kind of girl who hates a cold draft around my neck, and I also don't like trying to stuff my scarf in to my coat and getting the fringe caught up in my zip so I knitted myself a neck warmer. Friends then commented on it.....asked me to knit them one.....and then their friends wanted them. So now that our weather has warmed up a little and demand for my neck warmers has settled down I have managed to list them on my Etsy Shop.

Oh, I have taught myself to crochet flowers too. They've made lovely little brooches which look great with the neck warmers. 

I'm waiting for the rain to stop and the clouds to lift so I can get some decent light to take photo's of them to list in my shop.

Post Box fun...

My Grandaughter is 2 years now....doesn't time fly! She's learning new words all the time so to encourage her speach i made her some picture cards. Then i couldn't help myself making a post box too as who doesn't love post box?

Fun Christmas favours

My Gran taught me to knit when i was a child so I've always had a basic idea of how to do it. Since becoming a Grandma myself i decided i wanted to learn how to read a pattern so i asked my Mother-in-law for some lessons and it's starting to make more sense.

I'm going to have a full house on Christmas day so i decided to make some favours for the table. I've adapted the hat pattern from the Innocent Big Knit to create some personalised woolly hats for the family, popped them on my 'home-made jam' jars and filled the jars with their favourite sweets.

Just call me Grandma

Last year I became a Grandma and after having two sons my husband and I are a little smitten with our grand-daughter. She is such a delight, so what with being preoccupied with her and with other demands on our time I have had fewer opportunities to get creative.

However, now our little 'Poppet' is getting bigger I'm finding my head filling up with ideas for things she might like to play with. The possibilities are endless. I just need to get the festive celebrations out of the way and I can start some projects.

The Innocent Big Knit.

The charity event where i get to make stuff and help old people keep warm this winter. It's just too perfect.

Six little hats ready to send off.

Innocent are hoping to receive one million little knitted hats to put on their bottles of smoothie. For every bottle sold (with a hat) 25p will go to Age UK.

Wedding Post Box

My good friend is getting married and was going to cover a cardboard box in wrapping paper for her guests to put their cards and small gifts in for safe keeping. I offered to take on that task and rustled up a wedding post box. I do love a bit of cutting and sticking.


I felt the need to try something new so i made jam.........

.....and marmalade

The verdict from Hubby and No.1 Son is that they both taste pretty damn good.

UPDATE - 08/03/12

I have been forcing my jam and marmalade on to anyone who'll take it (as there's too much for us to get through) and they've all told me that they love it. This is indeed great news as i feel the need to make more and will again need to find new homes for the little jars of goodness.